trivago FastConnect

trivago FastConnect is the standard API for advertising rates on trivago. It establishes a direct connection to your booking engine / reservation system that enable us to request live prices and availability for your hotels every time a user makes a search on trivago.

Key Components

  1. Hotel Data

    In order to establish a one-to-one mapping between your properties and the items in the trivago database, trivago needs to receive an inventory feed containing all of your online bookable hotels. Based on the provided data, each hotel will be mapped to the corresponding trivago property to ensure the correct display of prices and accurate placement of deep links to your hotel pages. The quality of your data will strongly impact the match rate and accuracy. Advertisers should provide regular feed updates through the provided submission methods to ensure the inventory list is always kept up-to-date. Only hotels that are included in the inventory list and mapped, can also be requested via the API and appear on trivago.

  2. Hotel Availability – Price Search Results Page

    When users search for hotels on trivago, they provide specific search criteria such as a destination or point-of-interest, their travel dates, and the desired room occupancy. These search criteria are then passed via the APIs to each of our providers in order to retrieve the available rates for the hotels that match the request. The lowest rates provided for each hotel are then displayed on the trivago search results page.

    In order to ensure the best accuracy, the FastConnect API request specifies the exact hotel IDs that pertain to the user’s search, based on trivago’s initial mapping of the hotel data.

  3. Hotel Availability – Item Details

    If following a search users want to see all available rates for a specific hotel and/or more rate information, they can click on "View all deals". trivago then sends a further hotel availability API request for that specific property to all listed advertisers. Based on the response, trivago displays all advertisers’ rates, as well as the rate and room descriptions to the users.

  4. Deep Link to Advertiser Hotel Page

    When a user clicks on your deal, a pop-up window appears, showing a transition screen while they are re-directed to the hotel website.

    The user then lands on the hotel detail page with the applicable rate, so they can continue the booking process.

Get started

In this site you can access the full API documentation, start implementing and then testing the API.

We’ll be in touch with further information about trivago and any additional requirements before you launch the API.

If you have questions regarding the technical integration process let us know and one of our technical account managers will get in touch with you.